about terry



Terry Fuller studied sculpture at the Canberra School of Art and assisted with the conduct of classes in sculpture at the school. Since moving to the South Coast he is now sculpting full time and exhibiting in the ACT and NSW.

He does commissions as well as sculptural pieces for exhibition and sale. Commission work includes portrait heads in bronze and ciment fondu and body moulds as well as individual sculptural pieces.

His works portray emotion and this added dimension needs a more personal contribution from the viewer to appreciate and understand the sculpture.

Terry works with steel, stone, wood and pewter, but bronze is his medium of choice. Terry chooses bronze because bronze is able to take any form that the sculptor wishes; its warmth and variety of patina and the way that light can be used to enhance the sculptures’ surface are reasons for that choice.

Past Exhibitions

Giles Street Gallery - ‘Emerging Artists’
Basil Sellers Art Prize - Finalist 2006 and 2008
Postmasters Gallery - ‘The Journey Continues’
Hibiscus Gallery - ‘Heavenly Bodies’
Canberra Grammar School Art Exhibition
Regional Arts NSW - ‘Journey of Grief’
South East Arts Region - ‘Art of the South East’
Central Coast Grammar School Art Exhibition


Art of the South East Illustrated Diary - 2007
Art of the South East Illustrated Diary - 2008